Expertise, Audit, Technical Assistance


Infrastructure of networks and services

System and network administration

Virtualization, Container, Orchestrator



Security approach by applying the D.I.C.P. criteria

Security recommendations, creation and follow-up of the PSSI

SOC engineering


Private, public, hybrid cloud

Big Data/Open Data

BI (Business Intelligence)


Design of solution of securing the transport network and the

collection of critical business data

Design and implementation of a virtualization infrastructure

Security awareness  related to the deployment of new IPv6 services

Security impact study  for the deployment of new technologies (IPv6, 4G/LTE) and the integration of IPv6 into operator service offerings 

Study and integration of an application

Support Assistance

> DBA (Study, Operation, Optimization,…)

> Support in deployment and operation of services, business applications

> …

>Networks and services architecture

> Hypervisor architecture (bare-metal)

> …

> Security of network infrastructure and services

> Security recommendations to deploy new technologies or new services

> …

> Security recommendations for the deployment of new technologies or new services

> Definition of a security policy PSSI (Information Systems Security Policy)

> …